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Implement Condition Based Maintenance Processes

Deploying eRPortal CMMS and Asset Management software allows organizations to implement condition based maintenance (CbM) where it makes sense to do so and achieve a higher level of LEAN maintenance management processes.   At  the core of this capability is our sophisticated OPC enabled condition based work order trigger architecture. Any PLC or controls interfaced asset can be managed and maintained by eRPortal.  Then, based on best practices for equipment operation, maintenance work orders and inspections can be triggered based on the output of tags or I/O points.

Preventive maintenance programs can be driven by actual equipment usage levels instead of, or in conjunction with, calendar periodicity. Machine runtimes, cycles, or any other utilization value can be used to create preventative condition based maintenance triggers.

Also, condition or predictive maintenance templates can be configured such that any tag value or set of tag values that reach alarm, high or low, or otherwise out-of-spec levels will create a detailed work or inspection order in response.   An unlimited number of condition based maintenance (CbM) work order templates can be pre-set with specific instructions, procedures, or descriptions, in conjunction with suggested parts, tooling, or other resources.   And each condition based maintenance (CbM) process is designed specifically to respond to a particular asset circumstance or set of conditions, including elapsed time of any set of conditions met.

Work orders or inspections are automatically created, along with pre-defined parts and supplies lists, instructions and tasks, and email alerts to specific personnel or vendors.  All  in response to any set of tag conditions, as measured by whatever SCADA or HMI system is in place.

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