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Facility Asset Management - Effectively Manage Your Assets

As facility assets highly affect the financial and operational performance of every organization, the need to manage these facility assets often exceeds the standard scope of functional managers. Facility Asset Management represents the approach, tools and methods that are needed to manage the enterprise. There is a need for a facility asset management solution that is cost-effective, easy-to-learn-and rapid-to-implement that achieves these objectives without breaking budgets.

Streamline Assets with Facilities Asset Management Software

eRPortal's Facilities Asset Management software streamlines enterprise asset management processes by providing a centralized and all-inclusive "warehouse" for maintaining critical asset information and enables sharing of asset information, history, and implementation of maintenance best practices.

It is the efficient and accurate planning, analysis, and reporting that allows coordination of asset-related business processes across multiple divisions, departments and units, integrating asset-related information systems, and adopting best-in-class practices for maintaining and using information resources.

Advantages of Facilities Asset Management

• Supports the quest for a higher return on assets.
• Enables sustained cost reductions.
• Maximization of operations and equipment efficiency.
• Ability to rapidly reconfigure manufacturing operations
• Extends the lifecycles of aging equipment
• Integrate maintenance with financial and supply chain operations
• Align the entire facility around organizational strategies/objectives.

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