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Fully Effective Facility Maintenance Management Software

With organizations constantly acquiring additional assets, people, systems, and real estate, facilities managers are expected to meet increasing service level and infrastructure demands often with less resources. Having the right Enterprise Facility Asset Management Software enables organizations to track the costs of maintenance activities, streamline delivery of service and achieve substantial cost savings.

Facility Maintenance Management Software

eRPortal’s complete suite of Facility Maintenance Management software automates all aspects of facilities maintenance management operations. Our software provides you with the ability to check on equipment and analyze staff productivity in order to track your assets, forecast costs of maintenance, and anticipate potential gaps in performance levels.

By tracking these aspects of facility maintenance, eRPortal addresses the full spectrum of facilities maintenance challenges and gives the ability to create timelines, milestones, and budget targets for multi-stage and/or capital level jobs and convert data into actionable information so that you can make a faster, more informed decision.

Our software helps

• Tracking and managing campus assets or infrastructure history.
• Information and reporting functionality required by GASB-34.
• Materials tracking and inventory management. 
• Flexibility in how to manage preventive maintenance work orders.
• Work Order Request Intranet Module that allows any user on campus to submit a work order request.

eRPortal puts the power to take control of facility maintenance management in your hands. To learn more about our solution Contact us.



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