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XML Technology - Extensible Markup Language (XML) is essentially the universal language of the Internet -- a cross platform industry standard for storing and transmitting text and data both on an off the Web. XML is robust and non-proprietary. The use of XML technology makes eRPortal easier to integrate with other web-based systems.

SQL Server - eRPortal is built with SQL Server, a highly efficient and robust data management and analysis platform that helps eRPortal deliver increased scalability, availability, and security.

Mobile - To support the needs of the mobile workforce, eRPortal offers system access using hand-held portable devices. Combining asset management functionality with mobile technology, eRPortal allows employees to access, capture, and manage information from their job site, storeroom or off-site warehouse -- resulting in higher productivity and more effective decision-making.

Barcoding & RFID – eRPortal offers barcoding and serialization technology, a highly effective way to reduce manual processes, while providing increased mobility and system functionality.

Web-enabled – As a native web-based solution, eRPortal can be accessed by authorized personnel from any standard Internet browser at any time, reducing network traffic and eliminating expensive hardware purchases.



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