A good budget should include planned maintenance, experts say

A good budget should include planned maintenance, experts say

Businesses throughout the country are slowly gaining traction as they recover from the Great Recession, and many in the foodservice equipment sector are finding the time and funds to begin making repairs to their assets and equipment.

However, if these businesses hope to cut costs by performing these repairs, they’ll need to invest in a planned maintenance management program for all of their assets, Foodservice Equipment and Supplies reports.

According to the media outlet, by implementing a planned maintenance program, businesses will see improvements in two areas – finances and operations – but the biggest draw is the improvements that have been noted in the latter, according to Wayne Stoutner, president of Appliance Installation and Service. 

Stoutner stated that by developing a planned maintenance program, “you get to control your downtime. You’ll be down for a few hours that you chose.” 

For example, he noted, a foodservice equipment operation must put in place a maintenance program that best uses summer and winter breaks when students are away. This can be done with any operation, and maintenance can be planned on any day or even hour when it is most convenient. 

Moreover, using planned maintenance will bring down the number of emergency shutdowns, lowering the chances of assets failing during busy periods. In the foodservice industry this is especially important, considering a broken fridge could translate to thousands of dollars in spoiled food. Often, companies will turn to outside services to perform this maintenance work. In this case, Stoutner says, it is crucial to form a strong bond with the company. Doing so will result in faster service if an emergency does occur. 

It may be best to find a servicing company that is part of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association. Although these companies may charge more for maintenance management, it typically equates to savings down the line.

“Don’t always get hung up on the money. If you take a situation where you have a factory-authorized service agent with the proper parts in the warehouse and on the truck, the per-hour rate may be a little more but it will get fixed more quickly. So the overall bill will be a lot less and you’re actually getting better service,” Stoutner said.

Planned maintenance also has huge financial benefits, including an overall drop in service costs linked to longer equipment life. 

“A clean condenser means fans are running less, compressors are running less – all the moving parts are running less,” Stoutner explained. “So you get a longer lifespan for the equipment on top of the energy savings.”

According to Maintenance World, at its very core, a strong planned maintenance program will lead to increased production and reduction of wasteful downtime, and reduced costs associated with method improvements. 

Keeping accurate records of all maintenance is also crucial, especially in the event of an inspection from any federal regulatory agency. 

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