Benefits of Workflow processes to your asset management systems

Are you interested in adding workflow processes to your asset management system?

A company can instantly realize huge benefits by adding workflow processes/functionality to asset management and CMMS software deployments. Organizations can immediately gain control and have the visibility to measure and respond to any type of work, capital or item request. Based on the impact of those requests, approval criteria can range from “non-required” to over a half-dozen levels, including cross-departmental reviews and sign-offs.

These levels of approval should be based on factors such as cost, at a minimum, but also attributes such as “type” should be incorporated into the decision making. In the case of work or service requests, decisions and levels of approval can be considered where allocation of scarce or external resources may be involved. For materials or items, factors such as storage logistics, skills required for handling or usage, or, as in the case of HazMat, the levels of environmental impact, are all critical parameters that should create workflows and collaboration on decision making.

Once a work, item, or capital request has been granted, there will be a very clear audit trail of all who were part of the approval and all potential comments or revisions made to that request during the workflow process.

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