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The Connected Enterprise in CMMS

Opinions by Edward Garibian, president of eRPortal Software Last month, I attended the Rockwell Automation Annual Partner Conference and like the conversations that took place at the Automation Fair held in Chicago this past Fall, there was a great deal of chatter around The Connected Enterprise. Where last Fall, attendees explored ways to achieve faster […]

CMMS: How to Justify the Buy

Maintenance teams often fall into costly and reactive repair cycles. But when a better tool for preventing emergency fixes requires an upfront investment, the buy can be hard to justify. The problem is, many decision makers may already see this department as a “cost center.” To turn this reputation around, supervisors need to know how […]

The Importance of the Production Value Chain Continues: Observations by Edward Garibian, president of eRPortal Software, Inc.

I recently attended Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair held in Chicago. Attendees explored how The Connected Enterprise can help their organizations achieve faster time to market, optimize assets, lower total cost of ownership, and improve enterprise risk. Attendees told me that the industry forums, user group meetings, hands-on labs, technical sessions, and demonstrations helped expand their […]

The Production Value Chain Includes Machine Maintenance & Operation: The Holy Grail of Industrial Automation

Q & A with Edward Garibian, president of eRPortal Software Group You recently attended Rockwell TechEd 2015, at which you had a chance to speak with many people in the industrial automation space. What is the number one issue keeping automation professionals up at night? Most of the input centered on streamlining connectivity between corporate […]

LEAN Maintenance Operations and Achieving CbM with Integrated HMI SCADA

For industrial and physical plant managers and superintendents, success means the deployment and optimization of machinery, facilities, and equipment. The intelligent maintenance and management of these assets is key to ensuring the streamlined workflow of all inter-related departments and divisions. One way to augment this workflow and improve production and OEE KPI targets is to […]

Optimizing your maintenance program for unique assets

Optimizing your maintenance program for unique assets

Warehouse managers who use a maintenance management systems can improve their planning and scheduling of maintenance activities, track maintenance patterns, and perhaps best of all, optimize a maintenance program for all relevant work types.

eRPortal Teams Up with Trihedral Engineering

eRPortal, a software solutions provider that enables companies to better manage their operations and strategic assets, has teamed up with Trihedral Engineering to build a two-way interface to their VTS suite of HMI/SCADA software using our OPC interface. This partnership will allow VTS customers to implement condition-based maintenance management for their operations. To kick off […]

eRPortal to sponsor and participate at the National Ethanol Conference in Orlando.

eRPortal is busy with the Ethanol industry. Our product has found success in many of the Ethanol plants throughout the US and we’ve been privileged to participate in two conferences. Recently, we exhibited at a semi-annual maintenance managers meeting, this one took place in Council Bluffs, IA and hosted by SIRE Ethanol. Great discussions, including […]

The Quest for Leaner Asset Management

This white paper presents the benefits achieved by interoperating with ERP, GIS and HMI/SCADA systems. The paper also presents the different approaches that organizations are taking to address the interoperability challenge.

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