eRPortal Continues to Expand Presence in Water Industry

eRPortal Software Group LLC., a software company that provides products and applications that enable companies to better manage their operations and strategic assets, has recently exhibited at several water industry events. Recently, Ed Garibian, President of eRPortal, was selected to present a paper at the New England Water Works Association Conference. His presentation outlined the benefits of integrating a Utility’s Asset Management System with their SCADA system to enable condition based maintenance management best practices.

To continue expanding their presence in the water industry, eRPortal is scheduled to attend additional water industry conferences throughout the rest of the year. “With water being such a precious commodity and with what we’ve seen at the events so far, utilities and public works personnel are serious about their responsibilities and mission in this regard,” stated Garibian. “It’s been an honor to be well-received and invited to participate in these discussions, conferences, and exhibits.”

To learn more about upcoming water industry events eRPortal will be attending, visit to learn more.

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