How do I pick a CMMS for my Organization?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can offer an abundance of benefits for your organization. It is an indispensable management tool that can protect your assets and can help increase the efficiency of how your staff manages those assets. With so many CMMS vendors in the market, how can you know for sure that your CMMS vendor can deliver what you want?

There are many features any basic CMMS system should be able to handle, so when you begin your search, it’s important for systems to also handle more complex tasks. Some of these include:

Tracking organizational maintenance costs. (Labor, Parts, or Equipment Costs) Assist in identifying difficult/problem assets, and track any asset history.
Support major projects by planning, managing and tracking all project activities.
Tracking of compliance regulations such as safety and energy laws.

Also, be sure the system is:

Easy to use, minimizing training or upstart costs.
Scalable, to handle your organizational growth and changes.
Secure, to help safeguard organization data.
Interoperable, easy to integrate with your current systems.

When evaluating CMMS vendors, be sure these tasks are accounted for in any system you might select, but also be sure to evaluate your business internally to better determine your exact organizational needs. Think of situations and problem areas that make your company unique, and be sure any CMMS you select can deliver the right package to satisfy those areas.

Thanks for reading, post any concerns or thoughts below! Best of Luck!
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