Interruptions can cause harm to business

Interruptions can cause harm to business

If a problem grows too big, it often leads to a serious amount of work needed, whether it be in municipal maintenance or facilities maintenance management. Yet in any situation, the biggest problems arise when no maintenance is done at all, leaving customers and businesses at odds and risking the long-term health of a company.

Somebody call 911
In Pickaway County, Ohio, there will soon be required work done on 911 systems, and local authorities are a bit worried about the consequence. The hardware and software maintenance may block those who are making emergency 911 calls to the county sheriff's office, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The work will only last 4 hours, yet in that time any number of emergencies could arise. The sheriff's office has provided two alternative numbers to place emergency calls, and has also asked that those who do not get through to 911 provide a name, location and phone number. Even so, the interruption and the difficulties created in connecting dispatchers and callers could create problems in the area.

Airplanes not taking flight
At the Shuttlesworth International Airport, several take off paths were recently closed after required maintenance was delayed by storms. The project was expected to close down runways for one night and one morning, and began perfectly on schedule on Saturday night – the final flights of the evening were halted, and crews got to work. But a sudden storm with serious rain sent the crews looking for cover and led to additional delays in flights that had been expected to depart according to schedule. Some flight were diverted to a different runway, but for a period crews had to close down both in order to conduct operations on the intersection of the two.

Toni Bast, spokeswoman for the Birmingham Airport Authority, announced that the operations were back to normal after the issues. The Airport Authority was left to apologize for the delays caused by the issues, as the unexpected dual runway closure had canceled several flights that had been expected to take off without issue, causing much irritation among fliers waiting at the airport.

Companies ought to conduct all the preventative maintenance possible to make for a smooth, convenient experience for customers. Interruptions only lead to problems, with businesses' reputations taking a hit and causing inconvenience and stress for employees as well. Maintenance management software can be a great tool in making sure that all potential problems are addressed before they suddenly become bigger – and far more disruptive – issues. It will save headaches for management and customers alike, making life easier for everyone involved in an operation.

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