LEAN Maintenance Operations and Achieving CbM with Integrated HMI SCADA

For industrial and physical plant managers and superintendents, success means the deployment and optimization of machinery, facilities, and equipment. The intelligent maintenance and management of these assets is key to ensuring the streamlined workflow of all inter-related departments and divisions. One way to augment this workflow and improve production and OEE KPI targets is to incorporate condition based maintenance management workflow into the asset management process.

Condition based Maintenance (CbM) is maintenance work order generation and fulfillment, triggered off of asset condition values and levels.Depending on the type of asset being monitored and the criticality or necessity of real-time or near real-time responses to condition values, there are a number of methodologies available to integrate CMMS Deployments with asset condition data.

For plant level assets, CMMS applications that integrate with SCADA or DCS solutions provide management with substantial operations benefits. Now, both the CMMS and the factory Controls are synchronized to the plant floor operating model. New assets deployed within the Factory Automation system, along with their associated hierarchies, and associated condition tags, can be automatically created w/in the CMMS.

CMMS/Asset management software that seamlessly integrates with HMI systems provides you complete control by implementing equipment usage based preventive maintenance schedules. Not only will preventive maintenance triggers be enabled based on calendars and dates, but also on actual machine utilization levels – such as run time hours, cycles, or number of starts.

Analysis and configurable reporting on work schedules, asset values, usages, repairs, work order maintenance history, and asset productivity become even more impactful. And, another level of operations and asset utilization efficiencies are obtained – all in alignment with achieving LEAN Maintenance Operations …….

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