Massachusetts town embarks on municipal maintenance quest

Massachusetts town embarks on municipal maintenance quest

Within a city, many of its unique neighborhoods give a local area more flavor, more character. Sometimes, even a bit of wear and tear can add to what makes an area unique – yet if that lived-in feel turns to a run-down character through a lack of municipal maintenance, it can lead to upset citizens.

Turning back the clock
Newton, Massachusetts, is a city just to the east of Boston, with 13 villages that offer a unique flavor to their own bit of the city’s 85,000 residents. West Newton, for instance, is famous for its restaurants and old-fashioned movie theater. Yet in recent years, as the municipal maintenance department’s projects mounted, things began to become notably worse, according to The Boston Globe.

Don and Janet Scope run a store in the area called “Puttin on the Knitz,” and they have been part of the village for 28 years now. They’ve seen some improvements, but they’ve also watched as certain aspects fell apart, they told The Boston¬†Globe. It’s part of what they call West Newton’s “certain character,” yet it can be a bit too much at times.

The Turn Around
Ana Gonzalez, Newton’s director of community engagements, has recently begun to discuss the improvement efforts with citizens, and she believes they are close to making great progress in the area. In trying to make all areas in Newton “the best they can be,” they’ve had to do a variety of work.

“It’s a little bit of everything, it’s not just beautification,” said Gonzalez. “It’s infrastructure, streetscape improvements, parking issues, traffic calming.”

With so many projects, one way to stay atop of them is with computerized maintenance management software. It can be easy to get lost in the array of obstacles an operation is facing, and even a momentary lapse can lead to problems. Created for the express purpose of maintenance, computerized software can make any municipal program’s life easier. That way, maintenance can happen before it becomes a large project requiring town-wide initiative.

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