The Quest for Leaner Asset Management

Managers of maintenance systems continually strive for leaner, more optimized work flows for providing asset repair and maintenance services. Gaining access to and harnessing as much information as possible are keys to achieving this endeavor.

But in many cases, the maintenance management systems at manufacturing firms, municipalities and higher education institutions operate in isolation from other systems that contain valuable information. Information directly related to an asset or information that directly impacts the management of that asset. This includes the ERP system as well as HR, GIS, HMI/SCADA, and an array of vendor and supply-chain systems.

Integration with all of these systems and channeling the information they contain helps maintenance managers determine more efficient and effective ways for providing services on assets. The additional information can help maintenance staffs become more proactive and ensure that asset maintenance schedules do not interfere with production or operations schedules to the greatest extent possible.

In addition to benefitting the maintenance management system, interoperability also benefits any of the inter-connected systems and their associated work flow. By having additional information on the maintenance and condition status of assets, managers of each of these systems can also operate their departments more efficiently since they have the ability to make more informed decisions.

This white paper presents the benefits achieved by interoperating with ERP, GIS and HMI/SCADA systems. The paper also presents the different approaches that organizations are taking to address the interoperability challenge.

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