Optimizing Maintenance Workforce Efficiency with a CMMS in Water and Wastewater Environments

Each day, water and wastewater treatment plants provide safe drinking water and waste reclamation to millions of Americans. These plants do an exceptional job improving our quality of life with reliable service at reasonable costs. But challenging economic and regulatory issues are putting growing pressure on municipalities, regional water authorities, and commercial water companies to boost the efficiencies of their workforces.

Municipal belt tightening is constantly constraining operating and maintenance budgets. Stricter environmental and occupational safety laws are escalating costs and imposing fines for non-compliance. GASB 34 regulations require local governments to report the value of their assets on an accrual basis in their financial reports. And dispersed and mobile facilities mean assets must be managed effectively across wide geographic areas covering hundreds of square miles.

These mounting burdens have water and wastewater facility managers searching for new opportunities to improve workforce productivity, ensure compliance, and enhance customer service…..

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