Quality Management Systems certificate awarded to Katara

Quality Management Systems certificate awarded to Katara

Demonstrating its commitment to quality and efficiency in the workplace, Katara was recently awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for Quality Management Systems in Cultural Affairs.

The company made the announcement in a December 30 release, and stated that it had earned the award for how well it had implemented its standard of quality management across the board. These standards have all proven to meet the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008. The Qatar cultural village was recognized by MS Certification Company, one of several companies around the world that have implemented the application of quality management standards that improve the administrative and financial sectors.

Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara, received the award at Katara's headquarters, while Sherif Taher, General Manager of MS Certification and Omar Al Mannai, Representative of General Manager's Office of Katara, were also in attendance.

"This is an achievement that we are extremely proud of at Katara," said Al Sulaiti. "This recognition reinforces Katara's ability to build integrated system of processes that would raise the level of performance and improve the operations of internal and external communications. As our eyes remain firmly fixed at the future, we remain focused on constantly enhancing our quality standards which is key to Katara's success story."

Taher added that Katara worked hard to earn the ISO certificate, which has shown through in the way that it has handled the quality management of cultural affairs. This, he said, should be credited to the individual workers at the company, who have taken it upon themselves to ensure such quality management.

"Katara has achieved the highest standards that ISO certificate requires in order to be eligible to receive this award," he said. "We are delighted to grant Katara this certificate which highlights its' leadership in Cultural Affairs management."

ISO certification is controlled by the Switzerland-based International Organization for Standardization, and was developed to create a benchmark for quality standards. Beginning in 1987, the ISO family of standards were created to help businesses ensure their customers are satisfied and happy with products. In addition to improving customer service, ISO accreditation helps organizations meet statutory and regulatory demands surrounding the product.

Specifically, ISO 9001:2008 requires a business to develop a strong quality management system. For a group to receive the certificate, it must first demonstrate its ability to meet customer satisfaction needs on a regular basis with the hope of giving overall customer satisfaction a boost. The system fosters continual improvement of quality and widespread conformity to customer and regulatory demands.

Such a system can help businesses maintain strong maintenance management programs, which can lead to huge savings in the event of a compliance inspection from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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