Receiving ISO certification with CMMS

Receiving ISO certification with CMMS

Companies can tout their high marks in customer satisfaction all they want, but what really counts is winning over both customers and gaining ISO 9000 certification, Reliable Plant reports.

One manufacturing company, Midland Metal Products, has achieved such a feat in its operations, which include designing and fabricating permanent advertising displays. When businesses leaders at the company noticed that every aspect of the firm had grown, it needed to update it processes as well.

To do this, it overhauled its maintenance management processes, which included installing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

The media outlet stated that MMP’s line of business requires constantly working with ad agencies, which ask for specific, unique fabrication displays. Needless to say, customer service is a huge part of the business.

“Because we do custom displays, we’re bringing to life fabrications that haven’t existed before,” said B.J. McDonald, MMP’s co-owner and facility director. “Erroneous measures can ruin the display. Therefore, our measuring tools have to give precise measurements.”

In order to receive ISO accreditation, MMP had to exactly calibrate how its 242 measuring tools stack up with the client’s measurement specifics.

“The ISO 9001-2008 certification helped us look at our production system and come up with a precise process to do this one thing perfectly all the time – from the moment you get the customer order to the end product the customer receives,” McDonald added.

This calibration proved to be harder for the company than it originally thought it would be. When ISO auditors performed their inspections, they determined if there was a chance that their measurement tools could fail. Fortunately, McDonald said, their maintenance management software was in place.

“Bigfoot CMMS helped us win ISO certification,” he said.

Prior to installing the system, MMP struggled to keep tabs on its measurement devices, but now, with its software, it schedules preventative maintenance that ensures optimal uptime of every device the company has.

More than assets
The company now uses its CMMS for more than just keeping up with quality measurement tools, but has used the system to improve overall facility productivity. In total, the warehouse has 138 pieces of equipment, including turret presses, laser cutters, press brakes and resistance welders.

“We had no time to put a preventive maintenance program in place,” he noted. “That also meant noncritical repairs sometimes got fixed before critical requests that were truly important to the operation. So downtime was a problem, too.”

ISO quality management accreditation is given to companies that want to prove they can consistently meet customer expectations and requirements. The certificate requires going through an intense audit by qualified ISO inspectors.

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