Technology leads to improvements in equipment maintenance

Technology leads to improvements in equipment maintenance

Modern technology has led to transportation methods that are incredibly complex, and repairs are often difficult for those tasked with the job. Luckily, with options such as computerized maintenance management software, technology has also helped to make it an easier operation.

The trains run on time
CSX Corp is a massive railroad operation, and that brings with it incredible challenges in a variety of areas. From development to equipment maintenance to simply properly timing arrivals, there are many difficulties the company faces.

Recently, it decided to overhaul the whole system in order to attempt to make it run more smoothly, according to Progressive Railroading. It's led to an improvement in countless ways, according to John West, the Class I's vice president of engineering.

"How do you maximize the safety and reliability of our network while minimizing the interruptions that maintenance and other engineering work create?" West said. "We found better ways to move our equipment from work site to work site, better utilize our people, improve controls on reporting and [gain] a higher degree of coordination with our transportation partners."

Studying to find the solution
Keeping trains running is a major task – in New Jersey recently, Governor Chris Christie even proposed a backup power grid to ensure the ongoing arrivals, according to The Star-Ledger. CSX studied its processes in order to find the best answer. Much of that involved technology and software – workers now use tablets in the field, for instance, to better keep those in charge abreast of developing situations. Workers can access data from other systems and easily generate reports, all while better determining the proper priorities they are facing.

New rules will soon make the company have greater responsibility over bridges, which previously worried those in charge. Now, with the new solutions in place, they are ready to take on the challenge.

Asset maintenance software is one vital technological advance that can help nearly any company. By staying on top of the necessary and impending tasks you face, your prevent deferred maintenance projects from piling up until they cause a larger problem. Deferred maintenance can lead to expensive solutions and lost customers, while a leaner operations will predict issues before they arise to keep everything in working order.

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