Training program developed for lean manufacturing safety

Training program developed for lean manufacturing safety

A new training module has been developed by a leading Powerpoint training business that helps facilities' managers increase safety and productivity in lean manufacturing operations.

All over the country, companies are seeing a changing manufacturing landscape that is forcing managers to improve workflow in order to enhance work conditions, create a safer work environment, improve efficiency and in turn, raise profits. The new training program focuses on helping both small and large companies create innovative and cost-efficient solutions that can drive small, immediate improvements in facilities' processes and standards.

The program is one of the many ways industrial plant managers are introducing lean practices into their operations. Lean manufacturing entails eliminating any asset's waste, which can include material, time, idle equipment and inventory. Without a strong lean manufacturing program in place, companies can waste up to 90 percent of their available resources, according to StrategosInc. A strong lean manufacturing program can lower this waste to as small as 30 percent.

According to the news source, companies that have introduced lean manufacturing practices to their operations have seen tremendous increases in productivity. Specifically, lean practices can help with scheduling in a facility. In non-lean, or functional, facilities, lot sizes are typically larger, partly due to the complex nature of scheduling. These environments also feature larger equipment, which includes a wide range of products, increasing the volume of any given process.

In lean manufacturing facilities, equipment is typically simpler and less expensive. Also, the capital that is opened up by lowering inventory provides more funds for additional equipment. In essence, lean manufacturers trade inventory for excess capacity, which has historically been a favorable outcome.

Lean manufacturing also improves processes for customers, who will see improved quality and other benefits. Customers of lean manufacturers often report faster response to requests for unusual or custom-made products, as well as more reliable deliveries.

Companies all over the country are increasingly using lean practices. In August, the Harden Furniture Co. announced it plans to invest $3 million to upgrade its facilities, which will include introducing a lean manufacturing/just-in-time process. 

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