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Central Stores Operations

eRPortal’s Materials Management software offers Central Stores management a comprehensive Web-based asset business and inventory control software system that manages all aspects of campus central stores operations - including orders, requests, inventory control, warehouse operations, purchasing, deliveries, and vendor management. Our materials management software enables a Campus Stores operation to give a high level of responsiveness and service to its campus clientele by streamlining the entire business management process.

eRPortal inventory control software is a powerful application that provides tracking of parts, industrial supplies, office supplies, and any other generic central stores inventory. In addition, our system also has the ability to track and manage gas cylinders that are so often a part of the Higher Education campus environment. Our materials management software application permits the tracking of cylinder rentals and associated demurrage or serialized control of campus owned cylinders.

eRPortal gives our customers flexibility in terms of cost/valuation methodology – supporting average, last, standard or FIFO/LIFO. Our system supports the mark-up of items at time of issue and chargeback as well. eRPortal has the built-in logic to charge-back item usage in an array of combinations to meet the needs of any university or higher education academic process. The eRPortal purchasing module is a powerful purchase order creation and fulfillment tool that provides our customers the ability to create PO documents with a single click. The application also features vendor and blanket contract management capabilities, along with a simple, but highly configurable re-order utility. In addition, our system's web services and XML architecture facilitate interoperation with our clients' existing campus ERP/financial systems.

Optional modules for Central Stores Operations and Distribution Management:

  • eRPortal Order Entry and Purchase Request Intranet Module gives any user with any device using any internet browser the ability to order product from Central Stores for later pick up or delivery. Department or research grant chargeback account information can be captured and/or validated to ensure proper user or supervisor level authority. Inventory information or access can be restricted to department specific items. Priorities can be triggered with email notifications enabled. In addition, as a Purchase Request vehicle, the eRPortal system enables an array of workflow and routing approvals, based on any criteria including purchase request dollar amount, campus E&S office policies, or other procurement office criteria. PO requests, upon approval, can be easily converted to full Purchase Orders within eRPortal's Materials Management software or exported via any XML or other formats to the Campus ERP system.

  • The eRPortal Warehouse Management and Distribution Management Module adds sophisticated Warehouse management and delivery functionality to further automate a Central Stores operation. Our system provides pick list and item packing/labeling functionality for order fulfillment. In addition, our system automates the logistics routing and product delivery confirmation process.

  • The eRPortal Mobile Workforce Module gives the Central Stores operation added flexibility. Our system provides for handheld item issue from stock, handheld receiving and cycle counting. In addition, eRPortal gives central stores personnel the ability to wirelessly confirm destinations and product deliveries.
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