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Scientific Materials Management

eRPortal is a comprehensive Web-enabled stockroom and materials management software that automates the operations of ordering, receiving, tracking, and storing the array of scientific materials and equipment needed to operate a chemistry or science department in today’s college or university environment.

The eRPortal Materials Management Software System minimizes the time and cost associated with chemical inventory tracking and lowers the cost of overall inventory by reducing redundant purchases and streamlining the entire inventory requisition and management process. Advanced serialization and bar code technology ensures accurate issue/return and charge-back of laboratory chemicals and supplies. The solution provides complete inventory, reorder, and purchase management, and can be customized to track refillable solvent containers and gas cylinders and guarantee demurrage control.

eRPortal's Materials Management Software accurately tracks all expenses associated with materials usage and properly posts charges to specific grant IDs or departments. Our system can be configured with group level or individual level chargeback privileges for easy and fast item procurement or issue.

Our solution is enhanced by the addition of our Instrument Scheduling and Billing module. This application allows any student, professor, or authorized personnel to schedule time - via any internet browser/device on campus - on research equipment such as NMRs, or any department or office shared resource. The system has flexible rate schedules for department or Grant ID chargeback, a comprehensive reporting and financial export capability, and can be interfaced directly to the scientific instrument or equipment for added accuracy and control.

eRPortal also offers an Order Entry and Purchase Requisition Intranet application that provides a browser independent portal for easy order entry or purchase requisitioning. The system has multi-levels of routing and rules based approval functionality in addition to an array of notification triggers and order status feedback mechanisms. As with our core materials management suite, the Order Entry Intranet can be interfaced with any number of financial systems or vendor web stores and catalogues.

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