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Hazardous Materials Management

eRPortal’s Materials Management software automates the entire process of managing regulated and hazardous materials from cradle to grave. eRPortal tracks any chemical issued out of your stockroom to lab locations through-out the campus. It will also allow you and any researcher to see any chemical in the entire campus inventory so that chemicals can be borrowed and moved from one satellite lab location to another to eliminate the need for duplicate orders of expensive chemicals. Fire departments will also be able to ascertain the location of all chemicals in emergency situations. eRPortal permits you to move, decrement, or delete any serialized bar-coded chemical container using a simple internet browser.

eRPortal's materials management software gives you the ability to track and see all activity related to EPA or Dept of Homeland Security Chemicals of Interest. eRPortal flags these materials and gives you visibility into where these items may be on campus, when were they ordered, received, and by whom, plus all activity in terms of usage. eRPortal can also set limits for order or receipt of any item. Either at the location or site level, in compliance with standards set by DHS and the International Building Codes.

eRPortal also provides the ability to track hazardous waste from the point of generation to the point of disposal, including the ability to track disposal order requests, pick-ups, apply barcode labeling, and ultimately, tracking final disposal or disposition.

In addition, our materials management solution will flag items that require Fire Diamond labeling and items that require personal protection equipment. And, at the time of issue from stock to individuals or labs, our system will trigger an alert indicating what type of PPE is required for handling.

Optional Modules for Campus Environment Health and Safety Office Operations:

  • Using the MSDS document management module from eRPortal gives you access to over 400,000 MSDS documents from a broad range of companies to facilitate finding and adding MSDS sheets on the fly whenever needed. We also give you the ability to add manufacturer or product specific MSDS sheets on the fly. Our system gives all users the ability to find MSDS sheets for items within their enterprise at time of order, receipt, or stock.
  • eRPortal’s mobile workforce module provides the ability to periodically inspect the content and volume of materials located at satellite locations and labs throughout the campus. Barcode labeling and item serialization functionality are integrated into our mobile functionality to ensure fast and accurate materials management in both a wireless, realtime or batch off-line mode of handheld operation.
managing hazardous materials
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