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Physical Plant and Facilities Maintenance Management

eRPortal provides a complete suite of Asset and Maintenance Management software to automate all aspects of Campus plant and facilities maintenance operations. Our system tracks all aspects and attributes of any asset on campus, in addition to detailed history of all incidents related to any asset, throughout its lifecycle. eRPortal manages and accurately records all activities, from initial request throughout all stages of actions, approvals, and completion.

The eRPortal maintenance management solution provides our customers with a flexible tool for tracking and managing campus assets. Buildings, assets, and infrastructure hierarchies of unlimited levels can be created and managed based on any set of attributes – physical location, ownership, organizational, or asset functionality.

In addition, our solution allows the tracking of any combination of critical asset components or facilities finishes. Conditions, costs, history of component or finish maintenance can all be tracked in addition to the complete history of the parent asset itself.

Our maintenance management software gives our customers the ability to track all aspects of asset or physical plant infrastructure history. History of repair, MTBF, parts history, location of asset history, and total cost of asset maintenance can be tracked, along side the asset’s current value based on depreciation rules in conjunction with any capital improvements that may have been done on that asset. eRPortal provides all the information and reporting functionality required to meet GASB-34 regulatory requirements.

Fully integrated within our Asset and Maintenance management software suite is a powerful materials tracking and inventory management system. eRPortal provides our customers with just-in-time purchasing of MRO for maintenance repair work orders or the ability to either see upcoming parts requirements driven by PM work orders, or the ability to barcode manage inventory based on stocking levels either within warehouse or stockroom locations, or at remote locations dispersed throughout the campus. eRPortal also has support for a number of industrial supplies point-of-use vending machines.

eRPortal gives our customers unprecedented flexibility in how they manage preventive maintenance work orders. Our solution has the ability to trigger PMs based on date/time criteria or, via our HMI interface, eRPortal can trigger PMs based on machine runtime output. In addition, eRPortal has a built-in utility for adding seasonality/calendar based exceptions to date based PMs. Rules can be set-up that initiate either a work order “skip” within a particular month or range or months, or, additional procedures can be added to the standard PM, based on calendar seasonality. In addition, eRPortal offers the Campus Physical Plant or Facilities Maintenance team the ability to easily trigger and manage annual summer checklist type work orders and inspections.

The eRPortal Asset and Maintenance management software suite also has a full Work Order Request Intranet module that allows any authenticated user on campus to submit a work request. The requestor enters information required by the Physical Plant Maintenance management team – information that is 100% customizable based on campus requirements and workflow. The request can be easily view, reviewed, rejected or assigned by the maintenance department producing a two-way email communications at every stage if need be. eRPortal has made special accommodations for students requesting keys and for campus personnel who are submitting capital project requests. Upon completion of the work order, eRPortal offers our customers the ability to set rules in motion that either trigger an inspection prior to work order close-out, allow only supervisors to close our work orders, and to survey the end-user/requester for actual input and satisfaction level of work incident resolution.

eRPortal Software solutions are 100% web-enabled and architected to be interoperable with existing financial and operational systems. eRPortal has built interfaces for leading college and university ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, and Banner. In addition, our solution suite also has add-ons for wireless, mobile device functionality. eRPortal mobile technology can be used in either a real-time 802.11x mode of in off-line, batch computing mode, depending on the environment of our customers’ campus.

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