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eRPortal’s Environmental Safety and Hazardous Materials Tracking software allows our customers to integrate and manage safety best practices throughout their entire operations process.

eRPortal’s sophisticated materials management software provides cradle-to-grave tracking of materials throughout their usage lifecycle. eRPortal tracks an array of OSHA and EPA required attributes (Flashpoint, Carcinogen, Flammable, Corrosive, many, many more) along with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Diamond for labeling storage or destination containers appropriately.

Our system also has the ability to create and track serialized containers for complete traceability and reporting. MSDS sheets can be managed either for an individual chemical or products that contain multiple hazardous ingredients within. eRPortal can be used to track hazardous material weights and quantities at a particular location and signal the requestor or purchaser when a set limit is about to be exceeded.

Personal Protection Equipment requirements can be tagged to an item in inventory and alarms or reminders can be set at the time this material is either received or issued to a job or department.

Hazardous waste is also managed by eRPortal by means of providing a requester’s form or request sheet, designating the need for hazardous waste disposal. Barcode labels and pick-up documentation is created by the system, and all aspects of how the material was disposed of is tracked and reported.

The eRPortal Environmental Safety and Hazardous Materials Tracking software can be used as a standalone solution or fully integrated with our ToolCrib and Maintenance Management applications, ensuring that safety best practices are achieved at every level of ToolCrib or Maintenance Management operations.

Hazardous Materials Management
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