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The eRPortal Asset and Maintenance Management Software suite is an integrated web-enabled solution that streamlines Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM) and the overall maintenance processes within a manufacturing environment. With powerful capabilities that include comprehensive asset tracking, cost reporting, maintenance scheduling, and the tracking of maintenance-related materials, eRPortal addresses the full spectrum of manufacturing maintenance challenges.

eRPortal manages your production or organizational asset structure in any way your business environment requires. Assets can be managed based on location or physical structure hierarchies, financial hierarchies, or a combination of both. Or, assets can be maintained horizontally with sub-assemblies tracked as key components within a flat hierarchy. eRPortal can be configured based on your rules. Our computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) also tracks a large array of attributes, most all of which can be custom configured based on site preference. eRPortal tracks virtually every aspect of assets throughout their complete lifecycle.

eRPortal’s PM (preventive maintenance) tracking module gives the ability to create rules-based PM utilities that trigger work orders based on either a time period criteria or by machine run or usage time. Our PMs can be auto-assigned to an individual, or can be assigned based on a craft or labor rate grouping designation. eRPortal PMs can be pre-configured to not only include detailed procedures on the resultant work order, but a list of required parts and tools, with all associated manufacture info, location info, and costs.

The Maintenance Work Management module gives our customers the ability to track time, materials required, start, stop, due dates, plus an array of 100% customizable labels and fields of management attributes and data. Our maintenance management software provides visibility into upcoming work schedules and capacity requirements. Our web enabled architecture allows easy access to this data from any authorized maintenance or production personnel if needed. Or, eRPortal can be integrated with existing shop floor production scheduling systems to present a full view of current, past, and upcoming production and maintenance activity on all machines. eRPortal can be configured a number of ways to capture time, materials, knowledge at the work order and asset level. Flexibility ensures ease of use and therefore accurate information.

eRPortal's maintenance management software also provides a number of modules that can be added to further streamline maintenance processes.

Project Tracking gives the ability to create timelines, milestones, and budget targets for multi-stage and/or capital level jobs. Work orders can be assigned to a project or milestone within a project – all costs accumulated are maintained at the work order level and added to the overall cost of the project.

The HMI/SCADA interface module gives eRPortal the ability to implement Condition based Maintenance Management (CbM) by interfacing with any OPC compliant SCADA or DCS. Now, PM triggering can be by machine usage, such as time, start-stop cycles, or any other runtime output being monitored. In addition, our system provides for condition based predictive work order or alarm based work order triggers, based on any tag value or combination of tag criteria.

eRPortal also offers a enterprise level Work Order Request and Tracking Intranet module that allows all non-maintenance personnel to enter work order requests using a simple, intuitive, wizard based interface that is based on organizational rules and policies.

In addition, eRPortal offers a hazardous materials tracking and management module.

For organizations that have a mobile workforce, eRPortal offers solutions for either realtime or off-line mobile handheld computing.

With a Web- and mobile-enabled architecture and 100% XML-enabled core, eRPortal provides “anytime anywhere” information access, and integrates easily with existing systems and processes. Fully customizable reports and screens allow employees to tailor the solution to their individual needs, while the intuitive, user-friendly navigation cuts training time and facilitates rapid adoption. eRPortal puts the power to take control of manufacturing maintenance in your hands.  To learn more about our solution,  download our datasheet here.

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