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Tool Crib and MRO Management

eRPortal Materials Management Software offers manufacturers an integrated, fully-automated, toolcrib, parts, and inventory management solution that reduces the costs associated with MRO while driving increased maintenance and operations productivity. Designed by a team with decades of experience in materials management software, eRPortal manages every aspect of tool crib and MRO operations, including purchase management, inventory control, material issue, and delivery logistics. It’s a cost-effective inventory management solution that delivers the features, capabilities, and value that manufacturers need to win in today’s competitive marketplace.

eRPortal gives unparalleled flexibility in managing inventory and item attributes. The system support multiple costing/valuation methodologies, multi-levels of product classification, and an array of easily configurable custom fields for any requirement. Our system supports barcode data collection and can generate barcodes for items or at the serial number level. Our system supports consigned inventory, kitted assemblies, calibration or re-tooling triggers, and has built in support for self-serve vending machines for remote site or location item tracking.

eRPortal includes a powerful purchasing functionality that manages vendors, re-order rules, blanket orders and contracts, and receiving. Item backorders or shortages can trigger re-replenishment procedures that are in accordance to your organizations workflow – purchase requisitions, approval workflows, vendor-specific automatic Purchase Orders, Web Services/XML interface to your financial systems, vendor systems and catalogs, can all be part of eRPortal’s materials management order fulfillment processes.

 eRPortal’s Web-based, mobile-enabled architecture provides “anytime anywhere” information access, and integrates seamlessly with ERP and financial management systems, vendor/supplier networks, and Factory Floor Automation applications.

Data fields, labels, reports, and user interfaces are customized without source code changes, while eRPortal’s simple screen design and intuitive navigation cut training time and increase employee acceptance.

In addition to mobile workforce options, eRPortal also offers Purchase Requisition Intranet solutions that can be integrated with our Materials Management suite. And, we now offer the addition of multi-lingual system functionality where any language can be added to an individual user’s profile preferences.

And, as with all eRPortal solutions, we offer both an on-premise software deployment option or a pure Software as a Solution (SaaS) offering that requires only internet connectivity and a device with a browser. With eRPortal's inventory management software, gaining complete control over your tool crib has never been easier.