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Computerized Maintenance Management for Water/Wastewater Environments

The eRPortal Asset Management and CMMS system is designed to vastly increase the effectiveness of the operator and maintenance workforce with Water and Wastewater plant operations. eRPortal is an easy to use maintenance management system that tracks and automates all maintenance activities. It effectively manages both planned and unplanned work order logistics. Our CMMS system is designed to be flexible in how you operate, how you track your time, your materials, your workload. Our system allows an organization to start small –in terms of number of users and in terms of data entry – and grow as your needs change.

eRPortal includes a powerful PM scheduling module that gives you flexibility to control when work order should be triggered. By any combination of date range, or by machine run time (hours of use, start-stop, anything). It also give you the ability to manage those work orders once triggered. What procedures, what parts, how many, who should get the assignment, what skill/labor code required, and many other options.

Our work order management module gives the ability to track time, materials, schedules, dates, responsiveness, and an array of other fields that you choose to use, rename, or not use.

Our CMMS system has the ability to interface to SCADA systems such as Wonderware and others to allow not only runtime based preventive maintenance work order triggers, but also condition and predictive based work orders based on any combination of sensor (vibration, temp, pressure, or all three) being monitored. SCADA operators can view upcoming work orders, any open work orders, status of work orders, and full details of work order history, without leaving their the SCADA/HMI screen. We also give the ability for operators to quickly enter work order requests that can trigger email notifications if need be.

eRPortal also provides a powerful parts and materials management capability as part of our CMMS suite. Our system allows you to track what parts should be on-hand, at what location, at what time, and for what machine or asset. Preferred vendors, blanket P/Os, procurement contracts - all can be managed within eRPortal. An almost unlimited number of inventory or item properties can be tracked, including multiple cost methodologies, serialization/lot numbers, weight, description, type, class, and dimensions. Our system can utilize existing barcode IDs, or create new ones on-demand or at time of PO receipts. Our materials management suite streamlines maintenance procedures by identifying, allocating, and tracking the replacement parts and equipment required for reoccurring tasks. And, as with all eRPortal functionality, our web services/XML architecture allows our purchasing module to be interfaced with any number of internal and external systems for complete supply chain connectivity.

Optional modules of our CMMS system include mobile/handheld functionality that allows a mobile workforce flexibility in how they access or enter information into eRPortal. Not only can employees access assigned work orders, enter time, notes and update asset info, they have the ability to locate and issue parts to work orders or submit order requests via handheld mobile devices.

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