Industrial and Manufacturing Higher Education Municipalities

Finance Department

eRPortal's CMMS system is a comprehensive web-enabled application that tracks assets with virtually unlimited granularity. eRPortal will track the location of an asset, its barcode (RFID) tracked movement history, its assigned-to history, and an array of attributes and information regarding the asset. Our CMMS system will capture and report on the financial status of an asset from its cradle to grave. Initial purchase price, current value based on depreciation rules, its current cost of ownership, any capital level improvements that might add value back into the asset, and ultimately, the value of the asset at retirement or sale. Our system is designed to allow for depreciation and reporting at different dollar thresholds. And, eRPortal can interface to existing financial systems for real-time data exchange. Our CMMS system:

  • Helps local governments comply with GASB 34 regulations
  • Streamlines asset management accounting, and reporting procedures
  • Provides improved visibility into large and small asset holdings
CMMS for Financial Department
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