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eRPortal Announces Latest Version of Materials and Asset Management Software Solutions

New features allow customers to meticulously track and manage essential equipment and avoid costly unplanned downtime

West Springfield, Mass. (March 30, 2015) – eRPortal Software Group, a provider of SaaS and On-Premise software solutions for managing strategic assets and operations, announces version 4.5 of its two core application suites – eRPortal Materials Management and eRPortal Enterprise Asset Management.

Dozens of features to both suites, provide customers with significant enhancements to the software user interface, as well as new utilities and functions for creating a leaner asset management and materials tracking operation. Together the changes allow customers to track and maintain essential equipment and avoid costly unplanned downtime.

Companies and organizations rely on asset management to maximize equipment uptime and drive production and business objectives. Be it machinery on a shop floor, buildings across campus, or pumps in a water plant, asset productivity significantly affects organizational performance.

 eRPortal Software’s enterprise asset management and materials management software products help these companies – Fortune 500 corporations, municipalities and utilities, and higher educational institutions – optimize operations, maintain assets and infrastructures, and manage all related materials, resources, and logistics. Developed with an architecture that provides customers an easy-to-use solution that works throughout a customer’s organization and supply chain, the interface is configurable based on an individual’s daily tasks and organizational role.

“In response to customer needs for increased functionality to address a constantly changing,  competitive, and increasingly scrutinized workplace, we invested in development of new features that include advanced safety process management, sophisticated multi-level workflow, and serialized tool and component tracking,” said Ed Garibian, president of eRPortal Software Group. “We also enhanced our already advanced set of condition and data triggered corrective action utilities so that our customers can leverage the investment they make in factory or plant automation. eRPortal’s tight integration with industrial control systems allows rules to be set for work order or corrective action notifications based on machine conditions and utilization levels. The highly competitive marketplaces our customers operate in require meticulous tracking and management of essential equipment. Even brief down time can result in deep financial impacts.”

 Solution Suite – Features/Functions and Enhancements

eRPortal offers two best-in-class solution suites. These products provide meta data-based custom configuration and task-based login functionality that allows for speedy implementation and a rapid customer return on investment (ROI). A web and mobile architecture provides anytime, anywhere access on any device.

·         Asset and Maintenance Management Software is an integrated asset and computerized maintenance management software solution that automates and simplifies the management of key organizational assets throughout their lifecycle. Customers can track and report on every attribute of their enterprise wide asset hierarchy using mobile and web-enabled devices. The software manages maintenance work orders, notifications and alerts, requests, workforce planning, labor scheduling, and materials requirements. Designed to improve workforce effectiveness, eRPortal eliminates the problems that diminish productivity by offering an intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

·         Materials Management Software manages every aspect of an organization’s non-production materials and supplies requirements. The software consists of powerful parts, tools, and materials tracking features, and includes integrated barcode/RFID and serialization functionality. In addition, the software has the ability to create rules for re-order and replenishment, approval workflows, and department or asset-level usage chargebacks and billing. With this solution, organizations can establish, measure, maintain, and use inventory standards as a basis for planning and decision-making. The Materials Management Software offers a flexible and comprehensive materials management solution that also fully automates the entire purchasing and vendor management process.

The latest version of the eRPortal suite includes dozens of updates, modifications, and enhancements, including:

  • updates to the preventative maintenance and work scheduling utility that ensures the right work happens at the right time
  • expanded functionality within the work process safety utility to further ensure workplace safety and OSHA standards compliance
  • improved user homepage dashboards and grids, using HTML5-compliant technology
  • enhanced data collection/asset condition assessment functionality that adds richness to the condition- and observation-based work order or corrective action trigger capabilities
  • a better-quality mobile workforce module that is now available in the Apple iStore
  • major enhancements to the approval workflow module that support virtually any set of rules for creating sophisticated approval routes and personnel approval logs for any type of transaction request

Pricing and Availability

eRPortal’s solution suite is available directly from eRPortal and a network of distributors and service providers worldwide. Deployed in either a SaaS or On-premise installation model, customers can take advantage of a pricing model that scales from a simple three-user, entry level set of feature requirements on up to an enterprise level implementation. Additional product information is available at