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eRPortal Realizes Growing Use of its Enterprise Asset Management and Materials Management Software in the Perishables Industries – Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Food & Beverage

West Springfield, Mass. (October 17, 2016) – eRPortal Software, Inc., a provider of software as a service (SaaS) and on-premise software products for managing strategic assets and operations, today announced continued growth in the consumer and packaged goods industry, specifically in the perishable goods sector.

Pharmaceutical, medical device, food & beverage, and animal feed manufacturers have deployed eRPortal’s enterprise-grade solutions as part of their overall asset and materials management strategies. The latest customers, HAMLET PROTEIN and Novita Nutrition, join customers that recently deployed eRPortal’s solutions. They include Lifeline Foods, Oceania Dairy, Sunny Delight Beverage Company, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

HAMLET PROTEIN, a manufacturer of soy-based specialty proteins for farm livestock delivered to farming operations worldwide, was introduced to eRPortal’s suite of solutions by its partner Rockwell Automation in Denmark. Working closely on the implementation, Rockwell Automation expects HAMLET PROTEIN’S two plants, one in Ohio and the other Denmark, fully deployed on eRPortal’s suite of solutions by the end of Q4 2016. Together these plants produce tens of thousands of tons of animal feed, shipped to farmers all over the world.

Novita Nutrition, a manufacturer of innovative grain based animal proteins, is based in Brookings, South Dakota. Novita Nutrition will deploy eRPortal’s solutions in the company’s first production facility located outside of Aurora, South Dakota. Deployment will coincide with the company’s plans for the plant to be fully operational by the end of 2016.

For nearly a decade, eRPortal has worked with companies all over the world that manufacture perishable or consumable products has built software products that address the unique challenges these companies face.

“Manufacturing perishable and consumable items is getting more complex and challenging as safety regulations grow increasingly more stringent, and consumer demands for cost effective, high quality products continue to grow,” said Ed Garibian, president of eRPortal Software, Inc. “Modern maintenance management software can help organizations remain competitive, adjust to the rigors of inspection and safety regulations, and operate efficiently. These solutions provide the visibility and coordination manufacturers need for proactive maintenance and resource management, which helps manufacturers handle the growing complexity associated with their operations without sacrificing operational productivity or product quality and safety.”

CMMS and Asset Management software provides visibility and transparency into operations and critical portions of the supply chain. The software also provides real-time access to key asset details, planned maintenance schedules, regulatory forms and corrective action statuses. Companies deploying robust CMMS solutions also benefit from proactive rather than reactive asset maintenance as real-time data values and trends indicate impending failures and out-of-spec operations. Together this allows managers the knowledge needed to ensure productions lines are running efficiently without introducing unnecessary operational overhead or processes. The complexity of perishable and consumable manufacturing makes avoiding unexpected downtime essential. CMMS technologies allow for efficient management of complex schedules and precise resources.

eRPortal is deploying its Materials Management and Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management Software Solutions and helping these companies efficiently manage budgets and effectively coordinate maintenance schedules. These best-in-class solutions offer full featured but very flexible functionality sets, along with an architecture that interfaces with customers’ existing enterprise infrastructures and supply chain.

·         Materials Management Software – a powerful inventory control and tracking software system for managing material requisition, procurement, receipt, storage, and distribution.

·         Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management – an integrated solution that automates and simplifies managing critical assets, of any type, throughout the organization. The solution tracks location, value, availability, downtime, and reliability of an asset throughout its lifecycle. Organizations can proactively maintain assets and quickly react to assets in a degraded or at-risk state. The solution also tracks workforce capacity planning, labor tracking, and reporting.

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About eRPortal Software, Inc.

Founded in 2004, eRPortal Software, Inc. provides high performance, web-enabled, enterprise asset management, maintenance management, and materials tracking software solutions for managing strategic assets and operations. The company’s technology maximizes operations efficiencies and asset utilization level. The company serves customers in industrial and manufacturing, and higher education markets, as well as utilities and municipalities. They include Badger Meter, Caterpillar, Flowserve Corp, Sunny Delight Beverages, Johns Hopkins University, NC State University, Princeton University, and the cities of Columbus, Indiana, Lubbock Texas, and Olathe, Kansas.

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