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eRPortal Realizes Significant Growth in the Higher Education Market

Driven by need for greater oversight of scientific and hazardous materials, central stores operations, and physical plant and facilities management

West Springfield, Mass. (November 16, 2015) – eRPortal Software, Inc., a provider of SaaS and OnPremise software solutions for managing strategic assets and operations, today announced significant growth in its higher education market segment, adding new customers, as well as expanded use of its products within its existing customer base.

The academic and administrative departments of colleges and universities are under pressure to boost productivity, contain costs, and integrate business processes into operations. New programs and services make campus operations more complex and place greater demand for comprehensive asset management, materials tracking, and operations automation systems. This is particularly necessary in relation to the responsibility of a university’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Office need to track and report on the movement, storage, and use of hazardous materials.
eRPortal’s Higher Education Software Solutions bring accountability and transparency to colleges and universities. With a scalable SQL database and XML-enabled core, eRPortal interoperates with SAP, Oracle, and other systems. The solutions provide ‘anytime, anywhere’ information access; customizable user interfaces; nomenclature and reports. Higher education customers have reduced costs and improved campus safety with the materials and asset management software that eRPortal provides.

According to Ed Garibian, president of eRPortal Software, Inc., “Colleges and universities succeed in today’s competitive marketplace with effective and efficient management of operations. Improving the efficiency of purchasing and competitive price negotiations, compliance with local and federal safety mandates, visibility into operations for smart staffing and budgeting, and predictable maintenance and repair costs can dramatically affect a university’s bottom line. When efficiently and effectively managed, these back-office operations can help universities provide high levels of service to students, faculty, and staff.”

Automating Hazardous Materials Management – from Cradle to Grave

Colleges and universities generate, handle, and dispose of chemical compounds – often flammable and readily combustible, highly toxic and hazardous – on a regular basis. Usage is typically part of research and scientific educational curricula, but can be found across campus in art departments, physical plant operations, healthcare facilities, and more. Proper handling, tracking, and management of dangerous materials are needed to limit potential harm to students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.

Higher education facilities must comply with a complex mix of local, state, and federal laws and regulations that govern hazardous material handling and disposal. These regulations include the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)’s Academic Laboratories Rule Subpart K. Hazardous materials management among higher education facilities requires activities tracking relevant to U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s Hazard Communications Standards, and the Department of Homeland Security. They must also comply with standards enforced by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the U.S. Green Buildings Council, and other critical regulatory entities.

Driven by environmental responsibility, complex compliance issues, and the pace of leading-edge research and innovation, the demand for effective hazardous materials and waste management among colleges and universities has accelerated. Higher education institutions are looking for tools that manage inventory control for fiscal regulatory compliance, and materials tracking for environmental and safety regulatory compliance. In addition, these institutions need tools that monitor the use of these materials, and automate training, certification management, and handling oversight.

Features/Functions Specifically Designed for Higher Education Customers

Having worked with dozens of higher education customers for almost a decade, eRPortal has built technology solutions that address these unique hazardous material management demands, and the challenges academic institutions face meeting the needs of their research, physical plant, facilities management, and central stores operations. eRPortal solution sets designed for higher education customers include:

·    eRPortal Science Department Business Management, which consists of Scientific Materials and Stockroom Manager, including Instrument Scheduling and billing. Serialization and car code technology ensures accurate issue/return and chargeback of laboratory chemicals and supplies. The solution provides complete inventory, reorder, purchase management, and tracking of refillable solvent containers and gas cylinders to guarantee demurrage control.

·        eRPortal Central Stores Operations Management that tracks spare parts, industrial and office supplies, gas cylinders, and other central store inventory. The solution automatically places inventory that meet predetermined re-order rules on a reorder list; and can manage warehousing, distribution, and delivery operations.

·     eRPortal Facilities Management that includes Campus Facilities Manager and Housing Maintenance Manager delivers complete work order management and automatically generate preventive maintenance requisitions using preset criteria. The solutions centralize and maintain key asset information, provide hierarchal asset tracking, and offer finishes information and tracking for accurate maintenance cost projections. Room key tracking and maintenance department customer survey models are also available.

The newest additions to eRPortal’s higher education customer roster, which already includes Ball State University; Carnegie Mellon University; Johns Hopkins University; North Carolina State; University of California, Los Angeles; and Vanderbilt University, are West Virginia University and University of Waterloo.

eRPortal is deploying its Materials Management and Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management Software Solutions and helping these municipalities efficiently manage budgets and effectively coordinate maintenance schedules, These best in class solutions offer full featured but very flexible functionality sets, along with an architecture that interfaces with customers’ existing enterprise infrastructures and supply chain.

·     Materials Management Software – a powerful inventory control and tracking software system for managing material requisition, procurement, receipt, storage, and distribution.

·       Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management – an integrated solution that automates and simplifies managing critical assets, of any type, throughout the organization. The solution tracks location, value, availability, downtime, and reliability of an asset throughout its lifecycle. Organizations can proactively maintain assets and quickly react to assets in a degraded or at-risk state. The solution also tracks critical spares and tools availability, workforce capacity planning, labor tracking, and reporting, as well as seasonal or calendar-based preventative maintenance and utilization based on maintenance schedules.

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