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eRPortal gets implemented in the City of Bellingham, Washington


West Springfield, MA, April 2011: Market leaders in Enterprise Asset Management software solutions eRPortal Software Group have announced the implementation of its Maintenance and Asset Management Suite for Municipalities into the water and wastewater environment at the City of Bellingham.

The City of Bellingham sits alongside Bellingham Bay in northwest Washington State, has an estimated population of 80,000 people, who are supported by a vast array of water and wastewater facilities. The city has over 50 remote water/wastewater stations and sites to go along with its main water and wastewater treatment facilities, including sewage lift stations, water pump stations, reservoirs, and level control dams.

eRPortal Software Group’s software solutions was mainly brought on to simplify the entire computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) operation, and create an easy-to-use system for tracking and planning maintenance activity. One of the most outstanding features eRPortal brought to the City of Bellingham was the powerful search capabilities, which are simple to use and has multiple methods of search. eRPortal’s well organized layout and front-end customizability are also factors in the successful implementation into the City.

“With the new eRPortal system fully deployed at the City of Bellingham, the intuitive functionality and the search options have become a very beneficial tool for the municipal employees, and the city is now looking at ways to grow the software throughout its municipal environment,” said Robert Johnson, Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Bellingham.

eRPortal Software Group’s Enterprise Asset Management software solutions have been deployed in many industries and markets, including Manufacturing, Higher Education, and Municipalities. eRPortal brings in software solutions that is flexible, interoperates with existing systems or supply chain partners, and can be implemented either on-premise or via Software as a Service.

About eRPortal Software Group

The eRPortal Software Group provides high performance, web-enabled, Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Materials Tracking software solutions for managing strategic assets and operations. The group deploys technology that maximizes operations efficiencies and asset utilization levels. eRPortal Software is architected for flexibility, interoperability, and user interface adaptability. eRPortal is committed to the vision of Enterprise Asset Management software designed for the agile organization.