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eRPortal Provides Great Return on Investment for Florida State University.


West Springfield, MA, June 2011: Florida State University (FSU) is based in Tallahassee, Florida. As one of the country’s elite higher education institutions, FSU boasts one of the most renowned, versatile, and state-of-the art, Chemistry & Biochemistry Departments in the country.

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Departments at FSU serves hundreds of students while serving as a hub for other educational institutions in the area. The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at FSU has been successfully using eRPortal’s Scientific Materials Management Software for over six years, and they have seen a significant return on investment (ROI) for their purchase of eRPortal. Initially, the department sought a program designed for simple billing and tracking of chemicals and materials in and out of the stockroom, but since its implementation, eRPortal has provided much more.

Since its implementation in 2004, the department has seen very high improvements in inventory control, billing, and an overall increase in productivity. Also, the system helped improve overall cash flow within the department through the tracking of all contracts and grants. “eRPortal is working great, they took it from an inventory management system to far beyond” said Debra Baxley, Facility Administrator and Business Manager for the Chemistry Department.

With eRPortal in place, the stockroom has reaped the benefits of time-savings, improved cash flow, and better visibility into managing its inventory.

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