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eRPortal offers best-in-class materials management, enterprise asset management and MRO software solutions with both an operational and strategic focus for the industries that we serve. Our understanding of the unique environments of our customers enables us to better interface and customize our solutions to their existing infrastructure and environments. Our products are easy-to-use, can be rapidly deployed, and yet have the enterprise level architecture necessary to interface throughout our customer’s organization and supply chain. eRPortal's software provides meta data based custom configuration and task-based login functionality that allows for speedy implementation and a rapid customer ROI, and a web and mobile architecture that provides anytime, anywhere access on any device.   eRPortal solutions are based upon our two core application suites:

eRPortal Materials Management

eRPortal's Materials Management Software is a powerful inventory control and tracking software for managing every aspect of your material requisition, procurement, receipt, and storage requirements. With inventory control functionality developed through years of industry experience, eRPortal helps organizations establish inventory standards, accurately measure and maintain them and use them as a basis for planning and decision-making.    Our mobile and barcode enabled solution also tracks all movement, transactions, and activity of items from order to delivery to usage to disposal.

eRPortal Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management

eRPortal's Enterprise Asset Management and MRO Software offers an integrated solution that automates and simplifies managing critical assets throughout their lifecycle.   Our solution tracks the location, value, availability, downtime, and reliability of an asset throughout its lifecycle.  eRPortal gives organizations the tools they need to pro-actively maintain their assets and be ready to quickly bring down or degraded assets back on-line when necessary. Our mobile and barcode-enabled applications provide our clients with a solution that controls every element of plant maintenance – materials and tools availability, capacity planning, labor tracking, and reporting.   Our web-enabled solution is powerful enough to give our customers options for seasonal/calendar based preventive maintenance as well as utilization based preventive maintenance.

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