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Materials Management Software

eRPortal Materials Management is a powerful solution for managing every aspect of your enterprise-wide materials requirements supply chain. With control functionality developed through years of industry experience, eRPortal helps organizations establish inventory standards, accurately measure and maintain them and use them as a basis for planning and decision-making. By automating and streamlining the procurement request and approval process, your organization can reduce or eliminate the activities that add cost, without adding value. Our mobile and web-enabled materials management system gives our customers the ability to be prepared and accurately supplied, all the while optimizing supply chain processes and eliminating wasteful overstock. eRPortal offers a flexible and comprehensive materials management solution that also fully automates the entire purchasing and vendor management process.

Key Features:

Procurement Management

  • Initiates Inventory Requirements analysis bases on preset criteria
  • Generates/auto-generates purchase orders or requisitions
  • Provides easy-to-use procurement requisition intranet
  • Provides easy-to-use order entry intranet
  • Initiates authorization approval and routing workflow
  • Controls PO receiving and invoice matching for stocked materials
  • Vendor Management - Captures and integrates critical vendor information, including:
    • Vendor specifics and data
    • Blanket purchase order processing, agreements and conditions
    • Price history
    • Vendor performance indicators
    • Vendor serialized item number tracking
  • Optional interface to financials

Inventory Control

  • Item properties maintenance
  • Product classifications
  • Item valuation and costing
  • Cycle Counting
  • Min-max level based reordering
  • Equipment rental and loaner tracking
  • Kitting and Serialization
  • Linked item processing
  • Item Inquiry - single click, cradle-to-grave view of inventory items
  • Multi-location and satellite inventory management and tracking
  • Self-service vending machine support
  • Integrated barcode functionality

Material Issue

  • Item issue and destination tracking
  • Invoicing and department charge backs
  • Over-the-counter Point of Sale processing

Instrument Tracking

  • Usage history
  • Serialization functionality
  • Location/movement history
  • Refurbishment work tracking and history
  • Inspection/calibration history

Outbound Logistics

  • Inventory picking
  • Order confirmation
  • Manifest creation
  • Delivery tracking
  • Integration with UPS Worldship
  • Packing list and shipping labels

Reporting and Analysis

  • Inventory usage
  • Inventory value
  • Purchase reorder
  • Vendor performance
  • On-time delivery
  • Price history
  • Demand trend
  • Safety Compliance
  • Auto-generated reports
  • Ad-Hoc report creation
   Material Management System

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