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eRPortal Mobile Workforce

fast, focused, and easy-to-use functionality, in-real time !

The eRPortal mobile workforce module consists of functionality that is optimized for field and mobile personnel. This ensures that users have the information they need to complete tasks at the point of work, without the burden of functionality overload.   

Windows Mobile

eRPortal Windows Mobile Main Screen eRPortal Windows Mobile Asset Inquiry eRPortal Windows Mobile Condition Assessment
Main Screen Asset Inquiry Condition Assessment

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Advantages of eRPortal’s Mobile Workforce Module are:

eRPortal’s Asset, Materials, and Operations automation software suite includes over a dozen easy-to-use, yet powerful, modules of functionality. Our mobile workforce module delivers segments of this entire solution array to handheld devices of any kind, based on our customers’ preferences and IT environment.

iPad app

eRPortal Mobile Workforce – iPad 103 eRPortal Mobile Workforce - Windows Mobile – iPad 106
Homepage  WO Detail with Time

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iPhone app

eRPortal Mobile Workforce – iPhone eRPortal Mobile Workforce - iPhone CA eRPortal Mobile Workforce - iPhone Inventory
Asset Homepage  Collecting Data Using Mobile Inventory Homepage

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Whether its viewing equipment attributes, creating work orders, completing work orders, or managing parts inventory, our mobile workforce module delivers fast, focused, and easy-to-use functionality, in real-time.

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