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The eRPortal Software, Inc. has developed an implementation service approach based on years of asset management system experience. Unlike many software organizations, our staff understands that to effectively deploy a solution means to view its installation from a systems perspective. How eRPortal impacts or interfaces to other existing systems; how security and existing infrastructure are impacted — these are types of issues that need to be fully understood before implementation:

Data Migration

Ensuring that customers are able to initialize their asset management system start-up with valid data is a priority for the eRPortal Implementation team. Our programmers have years of experience in extracting, manipulating, and importing critical start-up data from an array of application and database environments.

Systems and Applications Interface

The eRPortal software suite has been developed as an Open Architecture application allowing multiple methods of application or existing system interface. Our implementation specialists are expert at utilizing XML, direct SQL, or simple ASCII as vehicles for system interface. Our team draws upon years of multi-vendor environment experience.

Site Specific and User Specific Customization

eRPortal software is designed such that each implementation can be customized based on our clients' particular business and supply chain methodologies. Our team understands that in order for a software installation to be effective, its features and functionality must map effectively into the workflow processes of those using it. Our team built eRPortal with that key factor in mind. In addition, our programmers are also extremely skilled in rapid application development and are effective in using those skills to add automation functionality that increases our clients' ability to further optimize internal processes and turn those into potentially competitive advantages.

Training and Go-live

The eRPortal Software Inc's implementation services offerings also include expert training that is tailored to your specific organizational requirements. Our training process begins with a detailed survey about your asset management system and operations practice. The results of this survey, together with our follow-on consultation, provide our team with a foundation on which to build a customized training and implementation curriculum that maps to your organization's requirements and specific practices.

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